Beauty Basics : Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Moms on the Go

Frustrated with your hair? Haven't got the time to do anything with it? Are you bored of the usual mommy ponytail? Well then, have we got the solution for you? How about  adding a bit of variety to your hairstyling? Feel good about the way you look by following some of our easy styling tips for a chic mommy look.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Curly Locks: If you have curly hair, wear it in a natural 'do by spraying on an anti-frizz product, scrunching your hair and letting it dry naturally. If you want a more polished look, use blow dryer heat for 3-5 minutes on mostly-dry hair, apply a bit of mild hairspray and wrap generous locks around a few large Velcro Rollers. Remove the rollers 20-30 minutes later and enjoy the elegant waves.

Simple Bun: Brush your hair against your head and pull it towards the nape of your neck. Twist your hair tightly in the same direction to create a bun, and secure it with hair pins. You can use accessorized hair pins or chopsticks to give your bun a more chic look. 

Braids: Get creative with braids by creating different hairstyles with them. If your hair is long at the front, create three micro-braids and pull them towards the back of your head and fasten them using a hair band, or twist your hair into a bun. The trick is to try out different looks with braids and see what you like most.

Hairstyles for Mid-length Hair

Curly Fix: A layered haircut can do wonders for curly hair, giving it volume and style, and creating a loose and soft frame for your face. Simply dab some leave-in conditioner or hair mousse onto your hair after a shower and blow-dry it with a diffuser. Shape a few of the curls with your fingers to add definition. 

Front Hair Poof: Simple and easy to do, separate a section of your hair from temple to temple and draw it back to secure it to the center of your crown with bobby pins. Lightly work the secured hair with a comb to give it a bit of a poof.

Mid-length Bob: Bobs are easy to maintain and always trendy, but can sometimes be difficult to manage in the morning. Simply squirt some water onto your hair and apply a bit of styling gel to tame your locks. If you have thin hair, use a volumizing spray and a large round brush when blow-drying. 

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Curly Crunch: The volume of wavy or curly hair works great for a chic short cut. Just use a little mousse to shape up your short locks and you are good to go!

Short Bob: Generally easy to manage, bobs are fun to accessorize, quick to dry and simple to style. If your hair is straight, you won't need to blow-dry it into submission, which is perfect for new moms who have little time on their hands. 

The Pixie: Very short pixie haircuts look great whether blow-dried straight or left messy and funky. They are also low maintenance and extremely stylish, so you can never go wrong with a pixie cut!