Baby Weight Busters

No matter how much you diet, the fact still remains that you're going to have to burn that extra fat off through a balanced exercise routine. Here are four of the easiest and most effective exercise methods to lose weight. Choose your favorite activity from the four below and get to it!  


Not only is walking easy, inexpensive and helps you burn off those extra calories, it's also great for your heart, eases constipation, and is something you can do alone, with your baby or with a friend.

 All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and you're set! It's also a good way to relieve the pent up stress and clear your mind. Start at a steady but comfortable pace for 20 minutes a day and slowly increase your speed and time as your fitness improves. If you're walking alone, consider using your iPod to keep you entertained.


Yoga is a wonderful way of becoming better acquainted with your own body, as practicing yoga involves focusing on different areas of the body and nurturing gradual growth and flexibility. 

Yoga is also great for improving your mood and relieving stress, since it involves breathing exercises and releases the body's tension, calming you down. An added plus is that it also helps improve posture, since yoga increases back and shoulder strength, making it easier to stand up straight. 

You can practice yoga in the comfort of your own home by using yoga DVDs, or you can enjoy being in a yoga group at your local gym. There might even be yoga classes designed for mommies and their children in your area. 


A low-intensity exercise that is suitable for all fitness levels and ages, Pilates is great for maintaining health, toning muscles and improving overall strength. Pilates essentially focuses on strengthening the body's core muscles located in the abdomen, pelvis and back, and helps improve mental focus. It's a great way of burning fat and toning your muscles, and in most case all you'll need is a mat. You can practice Pilates at home using a DVD, or in your gym if classes are offered.

Strength Training

Strength training requires a bit more effort than the previously mentioned exercise methods, but it offers the most rewards in terms of calorie burning and body toning. You will need to visit a gym or talk to a professional trainer before you begin in order to gain access to the equipment you'll need if you don't already have everything at home or don't know how to start. 

Strength training involves the increase of muscular endurance and strength, increasing joint flexibility and hence improving injury prevention. It also increases bone density and metabolism, helping burn fat when you're not even active! Discuss your plans with your doctor before you begin strength training if it hasn't been long since you've given birth to your baby.