Simple Weight-Loss Tips for New Moms

You've given birth to your baby and now you're in despair about the baby fat you've put on and can't seem to get rid of? Worry no more, because with these simple tricks you're bound to lose a bit of weight! Just remember, for sustainable and healthy weight-loss, you should get plenty of exercise, follow a nutritious and balanced diet, and avoid negative behavioral habits.  

• Take afternoon naps whenever you can. Recent studies indicate that sleep depravation, which is not unusual during those first few months after childbirth, has a negative effect on the hormones that control hunger and how efficiently the body burns calories. Make it a habit to nap whenever your newborn is snoozing; that way you'll be able to give your body sufficient rest.  

• Have frequent healthy snacks. Breastfeeding new mothers should not leave themselves without food for long periods of time. Making sure that you have frequent and healthy snacks in between meals will help keep your mind clear, your productivity level high, and your energy store full. In addition, frequent nutritious snacks will help keep your unhealthy cravings in check. For the best results, eat high-fiber, low-fat and low-sugar snacks to keep you feeling full without adding too many calories. Fruits are also a good choice for an energy boost.

• Use smaller plates. A relatively recent study indicated that people tend to over serve themselves when using large spoons and plates, and that using smaller plate sizes tends to help them cut down on their food intake. This type of portion control is a good way of limiting calorie intake and hence promotes weight loss.

• Add more veggies to your daily diet. Not only are vegetables filling and contain fewer calories per serving, they're also high in fiber and are extremely healthy. Adding more vegetables to your diet helps cut down on carbohydrates and other high-calorie sources.

• Schedule an exercise date. If you have trouble committing to going to the gym on your own, try to get one of your other mom friends to set a time when the both of you can go for a walk with your babies. You might also feel less likely to back out of workouts if you've promised to go with a no-nonsense type of friend.

• Don't skip meals. As much as it may be tempting to miss meals when you're trying to lose weight, don't; it's not the right way to go. Skipping meals will slow down your body's recovery from the child birth, leaving you fatigued and malnourished. In fact, severely restricting your calorie intake at this point will place your body under stress and can keep the kilos on down the road. You'll be exhausted, hungry, cranky, and stressed and prone to making negative food choices. Skipping meals also slows down the metabolism and forces the body to store more fat.