The Basics of Planning a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate a new baby, and while they are usually held one month before a baby is born, these days it is not unusual for baby showers to take place after the actual birth. Good baby showers take a lot of time to plan and organize, and should ideally be arranged two months before the baby is due. 

Since there is unlimited room for creativity and experimentation, planning a baby shower can be somewhat overwhelming. Before you get caught up in the details, you’re going to have to make sure you cover your bases.

The Host

The first thing you need to do is decide who will be hosting the baby shower. The host of the shower party is the person responsible for organizing it, and a baby shower can be hosted by one or more people. At one point it used to be considered poor baby shower etiquette for direct family members, such as the expectant mother’s mother or sister, to host the shower, but today it is generally acceptable for anyone - except for the expectant mother - to host the baby shower; the focus of a baby shower is gift giving, and so hosting your own baby shower might seem as if you’re asking for gifts.

The Date & Location

Once the host has been chosen, you will have to decide on a suitable date and location to hold the shower. Will the shower be held before the baby’s delivery or after it? Should it be held on a weekend or during the week? Is the date set convenient for the majority of the guests or will it need to be changed?

The location of the shower will also need to be determined. It can be held at someone’s home, at a restaurant, or any other accommodating location. You will need to take into consideration how many people you will be inviting to the shower party in order to choose a suitable venue.

The Guest List

Planning a guest list is a very tiresome and time consuming process, as not only will the host need to consult closely with the expectant parents on who to invite, they will also have to make sure that all invitations are sent ahead of time and that no one is left out. It’s not unusual for a key guest, like one of the grandparents-to-be, to be left out in all the confusion. Once the invitations are sent out, the host will also need to confirm with all guests whether they received their invitations and whether they will be able to make it.

The Theme

A well-chosen theme can really give life to a party, and baby showers are no different. From decorating the chosen venue with pink balloons and lavender ribbons to creating drinks with customized accessories, themed decorations add dimension to a baby shower and make it a memorable experience. For ideas on creative baby themes, check Finding Inspiration: Baby Shower Themes.

The Menu

The menu need not be a complicated affair; you can hire catering, serve finger food, or even have people bring their own dishes. Whatever you do, make sure that there is enough food for the number of guests you’re inviting and try to offer a variety of dishes that cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests if there is a need to do so. It is also tradition to serve "Moghli", also known as "Karawya" during baby showers, for more information on how to make this traditional dish please refer to Magic in The Kitchen: Moghli.