Balancing Work & Family

Life can be understandably hectic when you’re a working mom, but balancing your work, family and personal life need not be an impossible feat. Take a look at the different tactics that we’ve compiled and choose the ones that you feel work best for you in each area of your life in order to create a more manageable lifestyle for yourself.

Organizing Work Issues

One thing you need to come to terms with now that you’re starting a family is that your life priorities are going to change tangibly, particularly your career goals. There’s nothing wrong with putting your career on the backburner until you’ve got your family life organized or waiting until your child is a bit older and more independent.

You also shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time off when you need it in order to see to your family needs, make pediatrician visits, or watch your baby when you can’t arrange for a baby sitter. If you feel you need more time for your family during weekdays, consider foregoing your hour-long work break and leaving an hour earlier from work in order to get started on preparing lunch or dinner. 

Opting for a part time job instead of a full-time one can also give you more time to take care of your family, even if that does mean that you’ll need to make a few sacrifices on the financial front. If you would still like to pursue a full-time job, make sure to be firm when negotiating your work hours and conditions with your employer, and make sure that you don’t work evenings.

Making Childcare Arrangements

No matter what, you will need to make childcare arrangements for your baby if you’re planning on going back to work, such as leaving your baby in daycare, hiring a babysitter, or having a close family member or friend take care of your little one while you’re at work.

Make sure to find a childcare situation that both you and your child are happy with; knowing that your baby is well-cared for can keep your mind at ease and will help your baby get over their separation anxiety with more ease.

Handling House Chores

Consider hiring occasional help if your schedule is particularly hectic and you’re unable to handle the housework on your own. You needn’t hire a live-in maid; a simple yet effective arrangement could be to bring in a maid once every other week to handle the heavier cleaning jobs while you tackle the normal daily tasks. One effective tactic is to take on minor cleaning tasks each night rather than saving everything for the weekend, which can easily leave you overwhelmed with housework. 

Once your child is a bit older, get them involved in helping out with minor cleaning chores, such as tidying up and putting away their toys. You might also find it useful to arrange a to-do list at the start of each day to keep your tasks organized and give you a little moral boost every time you tick off one of your chores.

Making Time for Baby & You

One of the best strategies that you can employ in order to find time for yourself is to set an early bedtime for your little one. Not only will it ensure that your child develops healthy sleeping habits, it would also give you more time to take care of house chores, prepare your things for the next day, or just relax after a long day of running errands and working. Reserve a part of your weekend for quality interaction time with your baby, and make sure to set aside a couple of hours for your own needs.

If you feel that you’re not getting enough time after work hours and during the weekend with your baby, try waking up earlier during weekdays to play and interact with your child before you send them to daycare. Setting aside time for yourself is paramount for your emotional wellbeing, which directly affects your efficiency both at work and at home. Giving yourself time to chill out will also help you be more patient during the day when dealing with your baby, and can stave off depression. 

Having a hobby that you regularly practice is also a great way of letting off steam and maintaining your emotional well-being, which ultimately means that you’re better able to care for your little one and be a better, happier mom and spouse.