Establishing a Family-Friendly Work Schedule

Trying to establish a balanced schedule that allows you to get enough work done to stay on track while also enabling you to set aside time for some quality family interaction and self care can be a challenging feat. Many new mothers find working and raising a healthy and happy baby too much of a challenge, but here are a few pointers that can help you do both. 

Adjust Your Schedule

Look at your options and check which type of work arrangement would work best in your situation. Do you want to work as a freelancer from home, or take on a part-time job until your baby is old enough to go to daycare? If you're nursing your newborn you might want to consider working from home to enable yourself to continue breastfeeding your child.

Alternative Work Arrangements

When it comes to finding alternative arrangements for work, you'll have to check with your employer what type of options they're willing to consider. Here are some of the more common suggestions that you can use:

Part-Time: This option would give you more time for yourself and your baby as you'll be working fewer hours, but you will also be getting less pay. You'll have to consider whether you can afford the pay cut. Talk to your spouse before you approach your boss with this option.

Compressed Workweek: Compressing your workweek ultimately means doing more work in fewer hours, so instead of working 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, you'll be working 10 hours for 4 days. While hectic, this option would enable you to keep your current salary and work benefits, as well as spend more time with your family.

Telecommuting: Telecommuting simply means working full-time from home. You'll be able to maintain your full salary and other benefits while also keeping an eye on your little one. One downside, however, is that this option might not be suitable for the nature of your work.

Flextime: As its name suggest, this option offers flexible work hours where you can determine whether to come to the office from 9am-6pm or from 7am-4pm, enabling you to pick up your child from daycare and reach home early to start preparing lunch or dinner. 

Win Your Employer Over

If you want to convince your boss to agree to a family-friendly work schedule, then you're going to have to go about the whole process intelligently. Do a bit of research before approaching your manager or employer to check what sort of family-friendly work options your company already offers. You can get this information from your human resources department. Decide which type of work arrangement suits you best; don't wait for your employer to come up with a suitable solution for you. Evaluate your own needs and that of your employer to come to a good plan. Once you're done identifying a good work plan, make sure you present it in a professional and businesslike manner that focuses on your employer's needs, not your own. If that doesn't win your boss over, then you'll just have to come to a different compromise that suits both of your requirements.